Diploma in Nursing is a 3.5 year diploma level program that concentrates on imparting extensive knowledge and skills in ayurvedic nursing care. The course deals with the basic principles of Ayurveda and comprehensive ayurvedic healing treatment. The course is for the students wanting to include principles of ayurvedic medication and holistic healing technique into their wellness and health care practice.

The Diploma in Ayurveda Nursing at Dev Bhoomi Medical College of Medical Science and Hospital (DBCMSH) is an advanced program which incorporates the theories, concepts and ideas behind this ancient form of natural healing. The program at DBMCAH along with the theoretical concepts like Ayurveda history and terminologies like mind/body healing practices, client consultation methods, diet health and lifestyle, diagnosis procedures, herbology also include the clinical portion where students practice the actual application of Ayurveda practices with clients. The course simply prepares ayurvedic professionals who can help people learn to lead a healthy, well-balanced life in harmony with care provided through the ayurvedic principles.

Highlights of The Program

  • Institute possess on-campus hospital, and thus the students get a hand on experience of dealing with patients and of the various other processes involved in the field of Ayurveda.
  • The institute has its very own herbal garden and hence allows students to implement their learning.
  • To provide a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge institute keeps arranging Conferences/Guest Lectures/Seminars/Symposiums/Workshops/Industrial Visits.
  • Institute offers up to date doctor’s library and Ayurveda library to help students get equipped with all the possible learning resources.
  • Institute offers state-of-art infrastructure and hence provides students with smart classrooms and well-equipped advanced laboratories to enhance the teaching-learning process.
  • Institute provides dedicated and experienced teachers and follows a rigorous and advanced course curriculum to nurture proficient and cutting-edge professionals.

Future Prospects

The demand for Ayurveda nurses is ever-increasing. Exaggerated sort of treatment centres desires means and qualified nursing workers to render quality and acceptable treatments to patients. The popular career options include Nurses, Massage Therapists, Yoga Instructors, Wellness Coaches, Chiropractors, etc.